Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé

The Ngäbe-Buglé fought hard for 40 years, petitioning and protesting in order to obtain legal title to their land.  1997 saw over 300 Ngöbe-Buglé march all the way to the capital in protest and they were finally granted legal title to a total of 6968 square km of land which now comprises of three regions and seven districts.

The Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé is situated in western Panama.  To the east is Veraguas and to the West are the provinces of Chiriquí and Bocas del Toro. Its southern boundary runs almost parallel to the Interamerican Highway and it is the principal access for exploring the region.  As the land moves north towards the coast it becomes increasingly more remote until one eventually reaches the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Nö Kribo (land of much water) is the region on the Caribbean side that was formerly a part of the province of Bocas del Toro. The region that was formerly a part of Chiriqui Province is called Nedri (land to the west). Kodri (land to the east) is the area that was formerly a part of the pacific side of Veraguas province.  The Comarca is home to both the Ngäbe and Buglé, which are two separate groups with a distinct language, but who share cultural customs and traditions.  The Buglé are less in number and  they  inhabit parts of the Nö Kribo region.

The Comarca encompasses the vast Chiriquí mountain range, the Central Cordiella, and it is here that some of most remote and beautiful areas of Panama can be found. Throughout the central and southern parts of the Cordiella the land is typically covered in tropical dry forest, interspersed at higher attitudes with cloud forest and rolling pine. The Comarca  is home to many waterfalls and an abundance of fresh streams and fierce rivers  that run their way southward to the Pacific Ocean. Several trails from Soloy take you to several waterfalls, including Panama’s highest, the impressive Kiki.  North of the Cordillera,  on the Caribbean side, exists the remote Peninsular Valiente, which contains palm fringed white sand beaches and clear azure waters.