Soloy is a tranquil town, a perfect place to amble around talk with the locals. Community tourism groups offer a range of cultural activities including artesenía presentations, a traditional jeki dance, and home cooked food using local produce. Several stores and co-operatives sell locally produced organically grown coffee and artesenía such as hand woven bags and hats.   

Thrillseekers can enjoy whitewater rafting on the River Fonseca which has Grade III-IV whitewater rapids, and there are several good hikes, varying in intensity, in the countryside around the town. The Sendero La Esperanza is a moderate walk, 1½ hours’ round trip, offering a lovely vista of the mountains and a walk to a small but pretty double waterfall. The Sendero Salto Mono is three hours’ round trip to a sheer drop waterfall. For views of the Pacific Ocean, Sendero Cerro Miel is a reasonably difficult uphill hike, three to four hours, round trip. The area’s most striking waterfall is the Cascada Kiki, one of the highest in the country. The hike is moderately strenuous, but there is tricky descent into a canyon on a rope. It is three to four hours’ round trip. For the truly adventurous, walking tours can be organised to the Caribbean coast through the heart of the Comarca. If the trail is open, it requires several challenging days of walking and lots of planning.

  • Whitewater rafting  $30.00 – $75.00
  • Tour guide (up to 20 people)   $25.00
  • Artisan demonstration (up to 20 people)   $50.00
  • Traditional dance (up to 20 people) $50.00
  • Traditional cuisine (per meal)   $7.00
  • Homestay with family $15
  • Horseback riding  $15.00
  • Trails $3.00